Valentines Day PopUp Card

Valentines Day PopUp Card

Valentines Day PopUp Card

I created these pop up cards for my son’s kindergarten class to make. They had a lot of fun making them and their cards turned out beautiful.

Pink, Orange, White and Brown Construction Paper
White Cardstock
Glue Stick
Safety Scissors

Prep Work

Card Cut Lines

Mark the lines on the folded edge for the kids to cut with scissors

You’ll want to fold and mark the cardstock for the popup base. Fold the sheet in half and on the outside mark 3 pairs of lines at the folded edge. The two lines in a pair should be about .25” apart. The 4 outer slits are 1.5” long and the 2 inner slits are 1” long. This will create an added dimension to the card so that the middle tree is behind the other two trees. Don’t worry about getting the sizing and spacing perfect, there’s some margin for error here.

You’ll also want to precut the tree branches. This was a bit time-consuming (I had 19 kids to make trees for). If I had to do it again, I would cut out tall rectangles, in various sizes (very tall and thin for the trunk, smaller for the branches) and have the kids glue the branches onto the tree trunk.

Traced HeartsFinally, prep the hearts for the kids to cut out. The leaves on the trees are hearts cut from construction paper. Cut two strips of construction paper, one in orange and one in pink, about 2” wide by 12” long. Place the two strips on top of each other and fold them lengthwise. Then draw 7-8 half heart shapes down the folded edge (making sure the middle of the heart is at the fold). Do the same with a white sheet of paper for the clouds. Each kid will need about 15 colored hearts and 10 white hearts.


Have the kids cut out these heart shapes. By layering 2 sheets, they are cutting two hearts out at a time.

Card Slits

As you fold the card, pull the 3 slits towards the inside of the card so that their fold is reversed.

Finally, have the kids cut on the marked lines of the cardstock cards. It’s just 6 straight cuts. Now have them open the card and refold it, but this time pulling the strips towards the inside of the card so that their fold is reversed. You’ll probably need to help them with this step.

Layered HeartsGluing

Now we can glue our leaves to our trees. The leaves should be layered somewhat on top of each other. Once the leaves are glued the kids can glue the tree trunk to the popup card strips. Make sure they glue them so that the branches are facing out, they look much more like trees this way.

Once the trees are done the kids can glue the clouds. They are just two groupings of white hearts, layered on top of each other. Because the hearts were folded when they were cut, they retain some dimension and make for a nice white sculptural effect.

Write a note insideFinishing Touches

I like to have a colored backing sheet behind the white cardstock. Prefolding it makes it easy for the kids to align it when they are gluing their card to it. Finally the kids can write a personal note or message on their card. Simply beautiful.

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  1. Thank you for explaining the procedure so clearly and for providing such excellent illustrations. It is essential to understand the basics, which, when thoroughly learned, can be used in many original ways.

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